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M/S Nord-Fugløy - Larsnes Yard no.69. LFL Floodlights, LBL Bowlights, RFL technical recessed lighting, SL505 Xenon searchlights.
M/S Ruth, Karstensens Yard no. 463  equipped with 2 x Polarlight SL505, 2500W Metal halide high power searchlight. Photo: Preben Michael Rønn Andersen
The new generation Polarlight LFL series marine LED floodlights. Now available with 4 different light colors, also HPS color (2000K) All versions dimmable 10-100%.
RFL series recessed led-technical lighting for illumination of cargo hold, factory areas, technical areas.
Polarlight SL505XBO 1000-3000 Watt Xenon ultra long range searchlights for ice detection.
POLARLIGHT stainless steel LED bowlights, 2 x 180W or 3 x 180W
SL380 Long range remote controlled LED searchlight
Polarlight LED searchlight SL515 onboard longliner "O Husby" in the Barents sea during winter season.
Mountain illuminated from 10 km distance by Polarlight SL505-X3K Xenon ice searchlight.

Lighting solutions and marine equipment for harsh environment

SKIPSUTSTYR A/S  is a Norwegian manufacturer and distributor of marine lighting. We specialize in high performance bowlights, marine searchlights and floodlights using the latest LED, HMI and Xenon light technology through our high-end brand POLARLIGHT made in Norway, manufactured and recognized for more than 20 years.

Our products meets the highest quality standard in the industry through a continuos focus on product development based on customer requirements. Our customers are shipyards, shipowners and product agents all around the world.

In our product menu you will find information and datasheets for our products. We can also supply customized products not included in our standard range to a competitive pricing.

Contact us for further information as well as an offer for your project.
Equipment from SKIPSUTSTYR A/S – When performance, reliability and quality counts.

Skipsutstyr A/S

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New BUS operated control system

Friday 13/10/23 Administrator

The new generation BUS operated control system for Polarlight searchlights including the new motor unit RS250 is setting a new standard for reliability and user friendliness:

-Control up to 6 searchlights from one or ...

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The new series of factory/technical lighting RFL series is launched.

Saturday 26/11/22 Administrator

Read more about this brand new way of illuminating cargo holds, fishing factory lighting and other technical areas onboard without making obstacles to adjacent areas in our product overview.

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