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RFL technical lighting

RFL technical lighting


The new generation RFL recessed factory lighing from Polarlight is setting a new standard for illumination of factory deck and all other technical areas onboard.

The flush mounted fixture ensures smooth installation, easy cleaning, no obstruction and no exposure to harmful environment for any components. Made by white powder coated stainless steel AISI 316L this fixture represent the most modern, durable, sustainable and highest quality solution available for technical lighting onboard vessels today.


-Very high lumen output (9435 lumen)

-Vibration resistant


-LED module with optimum heat transfer and long lifetime

-Plug & play installation

-Measurements: (Length x Breath x Depth 455 x 205 x 112mm)


-Flush design & mounting ensures easy and simple cleaning

-Makes no obstruction to other equipment. Not exposed to mechanical damage.

-Less glare through directional light

-White powder coated stainless steel 316 housing

-Maintenance free

-Made in Norway

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