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POLARLIGHT searchlights are high performance searchlights utilizing premium optical solutions with material chosen to ensure maximum durability through years of use in harsh environment.

They are offering the best light performance in the marine searchlight market and ensure a trouble free life. All searchlights are easy to install.

POLARLIGHT - Quality made in Norway.

Our searchlights are divided into several different sizes:

Serie 320  Halogen, Xenon and LED searchlights 12/24VDC with high performance optical systems.

Manually operated versions: DATASHEET

Remote operated versions: DATASHEET

Serie 380 LED searchlight  DATASHEET

                                           Measurement manual versions

                                           Measurements RS250

                                           Measurement RCU5000

Serie 460  Halogen searchlights. DATASHEET

                  Xenon ice searchlight 1000W DATASHEET

Serie 505  Xenon searchlight 2000-3000 Watt  DATASHEET

                  HMI searchlights, 2500 Watt  DATASHEET

Serie 750  Xenon high power searchlights 7000 Watt. Contact us

These searchlights can be controlled from single- or multi control panels and several searchlights can be controlled from the same control panel. Wireless control system is also optional for all versions.

More info and technical details will be added soon. Further models are under development and will be launched soon.


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